• Alter Guaina

    The brand new sound of Tu Guaina

    Alter Guaina

    The new sound of Tu Guaina in EP format: 4 massive tracks to feed your playlist
  • Los ricos también lloran

    Villa Victoria Sound System's brand new release

    Los ricos también lloran

    The deep sound of Villa Victoria Sound System comes straight from Bolivia to Folcore Netlabet
  • Tribilin Sound llega a folCORE

    New release Barrancore EP

    Tribilin Sound llega a folCORE

    Tribilin Sound Lima based producer drops a bunch of new tracks in the Tropical Bass southamerican style.
  • Sexo tequila y acidez

    folCORE NETlabel new release

    Sexo tequila y acidez

    From Zaragoza, Spain Mutienigga arrives to folCORE NETlabel, a new must have in this label!
  • EP Indocumbia

    Shushupe's first release on Folcore

    EP Indocumbia

    Shushupe presents Indocumbia, a magical mix of cumbia with the charm of the traditional sounds of Semarang
  • Tu Guaina

    Tu Guaina

    Tu Guaina is an audiovisual project born in the heart of the missionary mountain (Misiones, Argentina) with a beast's freedom...

  • Rocky B aka The Tropikal Camel

    Rocky B aka The Tropikal Camel

    Known as the shamanistic energy bomb from Jerusalem, Rocky b is a musical explorer travelling between genres and universes,...

  • Oye!Simpson


    Oye!Simpson is a producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, California. A quintessential border-town kid, he grew...