• Sexo tequila y acidez

    folCORE NETlabel new release

    Sexo tequila y acidez

    From Zaragoza, Spain Mutienigga arrives to folCORE NETlabel, a new must have in this label!
  • EP Indocumbia

    Shushupe's first release on Folcore

    EP Indocumbia

    Shushupe presents Indocumbia, a magical mix of cumbia with the charm of the traditional sounds of Semarang
  • Eqivócate, confúndete pero nunca te huevees!

    New Qechuaboi EP

    Eqivócate, confúndete pero nunca te huevees!

    Qechuaboi press REC on your Korg Electribe and gives us three of his recordings on this EP where leaves and registered its distinctive sound line.
  • Intiche presenta su nuevo álbum

    Intiche presenta su nuevo álbum

    Folcore presents in colaboration with Aztek Electronic Music and Konn Recordings Intiche's new work: Nawell a full energy and good vibes album.
  • GZ!



    Folcore 023

  • Qechuaboi


    Eqivócate, confúndete pero nunca te huevees!

    Folcore 022

  • Fashionfacts


    Fashionfacts is the personal project of Horacio Larrechea, a laptop producer, radicalsnob and plastic artist who was born,...

  • Oye!Simpson


    Oye!Simpson is a producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, California. A quintessential border-town kid, he grew...

  • Caballo & the MTFK

    Caballo & the MTFK

    Caballo keeps dropping unashamedly political lyrics, welded with explosive new rhythms of latin/world/afro-beat,...

  • Kuto Selektah Quilla

    Kuto Selektah Quilla

    "Música demente para que baile la gente" ("crazy music to make people dance") was the phrase used to describe the eclectic,...