• Los ricos también lloran

    Villa Victoria Sound System's brand new release

    Los ricos también lloran

    The deep sound of Villa Victoria Sound System comes straight from Bolivia to Folcore Netlabet
  • Tribilin Sound llega a folCORE

    New release Barrancore EP

    Tribilin Sound llega a folCORE

    Tribilin Sound Lima based producer drops a bunch of new tracks in the Tropical Bass southamerican style.
  • Sexo tequila y acidez

    folCORE NETlabel new release

    Sexo tequila y acidez

    From Zaragoza, Spain Mutienigga arrives to folCORE NETlabel, a new must have in this label!
  • EP Indocumbia

    Shushupe's first release on Folcore

    EP Indocumbia

    Shushupe presents Indocumbia, a magical mix of cumbia with the charm of the traditional sounds of Semarang
  • Eqivócate, confúndete pero nunca te huevees!

    New Qechuaboi EP

    Eqivócate, confúndete pero nunca te huevees!

    Qechuaboi press REC on your Korg Electribe and gives us three of his recordings on this EP where leaves and registered its distinctive sound line.
  • Intiche


    Intiche is a musician from Wallmapu (Bs.As; Argentina) and now a resident in Berlin, Germany.

    His Music is a very...

  • Caballo & the MTFK

    Caballo & the MTFK

    Caballo keeps dropping unashamedly political lyrics, welded with explosive new rhythms of latin/world/afro-beat,...

  • Michael Bruce

    Michael Bruce

    Michael Bruce, experimenting within the realm of Tropical Musics over the past decade, has produced remixes and originals for...